7 Hidden Features of Mac You Probably Don’t Know About

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MacBook’s have some really cool features that some of us might not even know of. If you’re someone that’s had a MacBook for quite a while, then you might have stumbled upon some secret features. However lots of people have no clue of the certain ‘’Hidden Features’’ a MacBook possesses even after using one for years. This article will describe seven top hidden features of your MacBook to better help you understand the device.

1) Merging Folders

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If you want to merge two folders that are identical without the possibility of losing/replacing the dialogued message, it can be done. Simply select the ‘’drag option’’ within the two folders, which prompts the addition of both folders by merging them. And a folder that contains both a destination and source will systematically be created.

2) Easy Access to the Dictionary

When you need the dictionary in a hurry it can be accessed via quick options. Depending on the version of your MacBook there are shortcuts that can be taken to reach it. To understand the meaning of a particular word just double tap on the “Lion Version”, which gains easy access to the dictionary and enables the user to get the definition right away.

3) Emoji Support that’s Built-In

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Inserting emoji’s is very easy with a MacBook as it comes with this possibility built into the device. You can insert pretty much any emoji you like by just clicking a few buttons. Once opened the window may contain a long of list characters. When that’s done all you need is to pick the emoji you want and add it to your content.

4) Correcting the Scroll Bars

When it comes to ‘’Lion Version’’ the scroll bar gets hidden by default, this happens though only when a user scrolls the page. This might confuse some people, which is why sometimes the scroll bars are always open. If the user wants to change this however, just change the default settings. Head over to system preferences, which you will find under the general category, then pick the always option and choose show (scroll) option.

5) Easily adjustable Brightness and Volume Control

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If you’re looking for an easy way to control the brightness and volume, there is a shortcut. Just click on a few buttons (⇧ + ⌥) which have to be held down to control how bright the device is. When trying to increase or decrease the volume just hold onto (⇧) key to get it done.

6) Hot Corners

With this feature the user can control particular events by touching the corner of the screen. To activate this hot corner on the screen, just head over to system preferences and follow a few more steps to enable this feature. (> Desktop & Screen Savers ->Screen Saver Tab -> Hot Corners). This can disable screensavers, open applications and launch notifications.

7) Preview Files

To use this unique feature just hold on to the space bar when picking a preview file. With this option the user could even preview certain video and image files. It’s further possible to switch from one file to the next, by holding down the arrow key.

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