Can I Apply for Green Card for My Parents?

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So, you want to bring your parents to the USA to live as Green Card holders. It is possible as per the immigration laws of the country. As per the petition for your parents, you must be at least 21 years old and a citizen of the country.

An Insight About Green Card

Everyone wants to learn about the procedure of the green card. It is the permit that entitles the person to spend a good life and live calmly to serve in the US. The green card lasts valid for one decade and after that procedure should be followed to revenue it.

After 5 years here as a legal permanent resident, card owner may apply toward American citizens. If you are already in the US and a green card holder, then you can apply for the green card for your parents. For this procedure, you must know the eligibility.

If your mother or father is living outside the US, then you have to take Form I-130(*). With this form attach the birth certificate that contains your mother’s or father’s name as well as with your name. The copy of the passport or Certificate of Naturalization must be attached to it if the USA is not your birthplace. There are some other situations, about which you need to know and you can apply for the Green card for your parents.

  • Father stays outside the US and your birthplace is not the USA
  • The petition needs to fill for your step-parents
  • Petition to fill for your adoptive parents

There are some formalities to handle all these issues. A copy of your birth certificate will be attached to the form.

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In cases your form I-130 is denied or approved, you need to know about the formalities. If it is approved then, your parents if they are out of the US, have to go to the local US consulate. In this way, they can complete their visa process.

If they are in the USA, they are eligible to file Firm I-485 and register residence at the same time. For further information, you can hire an agent to complete their green card process. On the other hand, the complete details are available on the site. The consulate starts the process and checks the identities.

The methodology of the check of your character will take a few days by the USCIS. In the wake of confirming or endorsing, the international safe haven or department will give the transportation letter containing the fifteen days legitimacy. If you don’t go inside the time of fifteen days, at that point you should begin the whole method of the application once more. It is imperative to get the substitution of the lost or taken green card as ahead of schedule as feasible for making your further legitimate or formal undertakings simple and out of the pressure.

What to Do If the Petition is Denied?

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If the petition of visa is incomplete or there are some errors or due to change in policy, there is a more chance that you face denial in the petition. So, you have another option that is to appeal for it. After your appeal, you need to pay the fee again and start the processing of submission. The Board of Immigration appeals refers to it. You can visit official website also.

You can take the advice of your immigration lawyers and consultants. They know the rules and regulations, in a better way. So, they can guide you.

Significance of the Green Card

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The Green Card is proof of your legal stay or residence in the US. Containing the Green Card means that you are not a US citizen and you and you should have the passport of your country. It is very important for re-entering in the USA and the travel documentation along with a passport is a wise step. No doubt Green Card should be kept in safe hands and you must always take care of it.

We hope this above guide will help you to know whether you can apply for green card or not.

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