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People in today’s world tend to rely a lot on their mobile conversations. In other words, we tend to share some of our sensitive information such as personal details, passwords and credit card information through mobile conversations. Unfortunately, these conversations are never secure and there is a possibility for a third party to get hold of them. That’s why it is extremely important for you to think about encrypting your conversations. CipherBoard can help you with that.

What exactly is CipherBoard?

CipherBoard can simply be defined as a secure keyboard, which would work with Android and iOS devices. You just need to get this keyboard installed and it would provide you with the opportunity to encrypt the conversations that you initiate in a variety of apps. Therefore, it can be considered as a simple and a straightforward solution available for a person who is looking forward to encrypt the conversations.

How does CipherBoard work?

The functionality behind CipherBoard is a simple one and you can easily understand it as well. When you have installed CipherBoard on your mobile phone, all your conversations would be encrypted before they leave your phone. The messages would only get decrypted when they arrive at the mobile phone of the recipient. As a result, there is no risk of getting a third party involved in your conversations.

What are the benefits of CipherBoard?

The ability to encrypt your conversations can be considered as the key benefit that is linked with CipherBoard. Only the intended recipient of the conversation would be able to get hold of your message content. As a result, you can think about sharing your personal information without keeping any doubts in your mind. You know that they are secure.

CipherBoard is a flexible application as well. It is not in a position to create a negative impact on your user experience. You can simply use the device as it is and CipherBoard would take care of the task of encrypting your messages. It is compatible with a variety of applications as well. You just need to install CipherBoard one time and it would integrate with all the apps in your mobile phone, where you share information with others. They include the native Messaging application, Gmail, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Tinder and many more. You will need to give permission to CipherBoard in order to access your apps as well. This will assist you to keep peace of mind because you can select the apps that CipherBoard can access.

The value added features offered along with CipherBoard

Encryption would not be the only feature that is offered to you by CipherBoard. It can introduce a set of exciting emojis as well. On the other hand, you can simply say Goodbye to all your typos when you are using this application. With all these features, CipherBoard is one of the best applications available for people in today’s world. You would absolutely love the amazing features offered by it. When you have CipherBoard on your mobile, all your conversations would be safe and secure.

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