DHI vs. FUE | Differences Between DHI and FUE Method

Thinning hair can have a huge impact on a person. It can lead someone to anxiety, depression, and reduced self-esteem. It is because it can make you feel you have to do anything to remedy the situation. And undoubtedly, thinking about hair transplant is one of the very first options which can come into your mind. But making a rush hair transplant plan can lead you to multiple devastating consequences. Therefore, it is always highly recommended for you to make the right decision which does not hurt you later.

At the very beginning of your decision, it is highly important for you to understand the types of hair transplant options available and which of these can suit you in the best possible way. However, in this article, we are going to describe DHI vs FUE which will certainly help you to make a better decision in a more effective way.

What is the FUE Method?

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, which is one of the most popular hair transplant techniques being used by various specialists all around the world. This is a technique micro holes which are also known as canal are being opened in the area of hair loss. However, after that, this operation will be executed with the grafts plantation which has been collected by the Follicular Unit Extraction in the holes which were opened. By using this method of hair transplantation any kind of linear scar will not occur in the extraction area.

FUE method is being recognized as one of the most natural and clean hair transplantation accomplishments. Most importantly, the removal will not even be noticed in the starting months of extraction. However, when it comes to FUE, then the most important stage of this method is opening canals. It is because the naturality and density of the entire hair transplantation method are actually depending on this stage. Canals have to be in a proper angle for the hair to come out so that the resultant density can be achieved as very closer to the natural hair. Even more, the depth of these canals can be adjusted optimally as per needs in the best possible way. If these factors are going to be considered while doing this treatment then there are higher chances of getting highly effective results in a more amazing way.

Procedure Steps

When it comes to FUE, then there are some basic steps that are known as an essential part of this process. So, here we have brought these important steps for you. Have a look at the information given below in this regard.

1. Collection

First and foremost, with the help of a tool which is known as micro meter, grafts will be removed from the scalp of the person who is getting this treatment one by one. This tool comes with a sharp point and a hole in it. However, in this method, the selected diameter usually depends on the graft size of the patient. However, the grafts with split sides from the hairy skin will be collected by the technicians one by one.

2. Canals

At this stage of hair plantation, a tool that is of micro size and known as the handle will be used. This tool must be appropriate as per the height and thickness of grafts. However, this tool will also exhibit a bit sharp surface. However, before starting this stage it is highly important that the area must be receptive to discomfort or no pain. However, after that micro-lateral incisions will be created with an appropriate interest in depth, orientation, density, and angle to ensure the natural look and perfect density of the treatment in the best possible way.

3. Plantation

This is the last stage of the FUE plantation method. In this stage, the grafts which have been collected in the very first stage of the process i.e. collection will be planted in the holes. These holes have been opened in the canal stage. Well, just like the canal stage, the plantation stage is also highly important. It is because at this step we have to place hairs in the canals which were opened for collected grafts appropriately. These will be implanted one by one precisely. At this stage, it is highly important to focus that the grafts with one strand are being implanted at the front side.

Keep in mind the fact that an ad-lib canals amount can be opened in this method depending on the density of the hair which patient wants to get in the desired part and canals will be filled with the plantations accordingly. As the hairs will be collected one by one in this method therefore, there will be no patched look or scar present after completion of this method. Therefore, patients are allowed to go back to their jobs even immediately after getting this hair transplant session.

What is DHI Method?

DHI stands for Direct Hair Implantation, which is a well-known technique and also being considered as the most advanced one in the field of hair transplant. In this hair transplant, technique hair felicities are being extracted from the donor site directly and being transplanted to the recipient area with the help of fine instruments one by one. Most importantly the tools which are being used in this type of hair plantation are usually the USA patented and meant for single use only.

These instruments can help the surgeon in getting the appropriate angle, dimension, and depth so that the surgeon can ensure more natural-looking and high-density results in the best possible way. However, it is a highly important fact for you to know that if you want to put your hands on the DHI hair transplant method then you must go to a certified surgeon only.

As the DHI technique is using single and disposable needles and punches for each session, therefore, this treatment can be considered completely safe to experience. Even more, for this technique, strict protocols have been applied to follow throughout the process. And most amazingly, this will guarantee 100% safety at its every level. As in the different stages of this method, tiny needles are being used to transplant hairs, therefore, you will never get any scar or patched skin at all. Most importantly, this is a painless treatment method that you can choose for perfect hair look with ease. Even you will be able to complete your regular routine tasks immediately after getting this treatment.

Procedure Steps

Do you want to know some of the most important steps which are included in this hair plantation technique? Well, hair we have brought some of the most interesting options which you must consider in his regard. So, have a look at the details given below:

1. Collection

This is the very first step of the DHI hair plantation method. In this step, a very specific tool which is known as the micro motor will be used to remove the hairs which are smaller than 1 diameter from the scalp. These hairs will be collected by the technicians carefully. In this step, no scar or patched skin will be there. However, the hairs which will be collected from here are ready to be transplanted immediately after being collected.

2. Arrangement

The next step of this treatment step is an arrangement of collected hairs carefully. DHI pens are the tools that will be used at this step. The use of this tool has eliminated the need for opening canals beforehand. It is because these pens are having suitable canals as per the height of the hair strand which you are going to use. However, in the arrangement step, the collected hairs will b put in these DHI pens, to implement these hairs directly in the target area.

3. Plantation

The hairs which have been arranged in the previous step can be stuck directly in the area without hairs. With the DHI pens, hair canals will be opened and the hairs will be implanted all at the same time. This technique can make it easier to implant hair as per angle and depth of the hair in a more effective way.

Once these hairs have been implanted, these will stay with the patient forever. Most amazingly, the patient will never experience hair loss after implantation. This hair implantation technique will offer you complete control over the depth, angle, and dimensions of placement, therefore, you can ensure to have 100% natural effect and density of hair which you can love in a more amazing way.

FUE & DHI Differences

When it comes to choosing between two of the most amazing hair transplant methods then it may become difficult for you to choose one of the available options. This is the reason why for most of the people it usually becomes difficult to identify DHI vs. FUE, and choosing one of them. However, to ease you in this and help you in this we have brought FUE & DHI Differences for you. So, that you can get the things in an even better way and can make a choice which you find more effective for your hair in the best possible way.

So, without any further delay, let’s have a look at FUE & DHI Differences, to know more about the things in this regard with ease:

When it comes to DHI vs. FUE method, then in both procedures’ hairs are collected from grafts, which are being gathered one by one using micromotors from the donor area. In both methods, patients will get no scar or patchy skin. However, when it comes to the plantation, then in the FUE method it is important to open canals to place grafts in the area where hairs have to implanted. For this, in FUE methods tiny cutters are being used to drill as per the number of grafts that have to be planted here. After opening canals, grafts will be inserted in these holes as per an appropriate angle, length, and dimension.

While on the other hand, when it comes to DHI then there is no need to open canals in this method. It is because after collecting grafts from the donor area, these are ready to be implanted directly. However, small needle-like devices which are known as DHI pens will be used as per hair size in this method. Well, the grafts which were collected in the DHI technique will be placed in these tiny devices and every graft will be implemented in the recipient area directly. With the help of these pens, canals of exactly grafts size will form and opened directly.

Advantages of DHI Hair Transplant Method

DHI hair transplant method is being recognized as a more popular and latest method to be used. Therefore, we have brought some of its amazing benefits for you which will let you know why people are utilizing this excellent hair transplant method. So, here we go:

As in the DHI hair transplant method, it is 100% assured that opened canals are being grafted completely. Therefore, there are fewer chances of any space loss. Ultimately, it will be easier to do more frequent density in the best possible way.

When it comes to implant hair in the DHI method, then a particular device that is known as DHI pen is being used to open canals and this can make it easier and more effective to implant hair without even damaging any of natural hairs.

In the process of the DHI method, it is quite easier to achieve healing. Because of the holes which are never larger than the grafts, patients will not suffer from any severe injury, cut or scratches in the hair. Ultimately, it will take a very shorter period of time for them to heal.

DHI hair implanting method has the ability to give more natural-looking hair. Most interestingly, the dimension of every hair can be connected with the undiluted hair comfortably. Therefore, the results will be more natural-looking.

As there is no need to cut or drill a hole in your skin to implant hairs therefore, there are zero chances of getting scars in this treatment method.

Once a patient has to get done with the process of DHI hair plantation, he will be able to go back to work quickly.

DHI method comes with the possibility of planting hair without cutting them.


When it comes to hair transplantation then most of the people become confused. Therefore, here we have brought DHI vs. FUE for easier decision making. According to Hair Surgeon Dr. Caglar from Cosmeticium; both of these methods have their own characteristics, benefits, and procedures. So, before deciding any of these, it can be better for you to get help from your surgeon. It is because, on the basis of your hair condition, your surgeon can let you know better which of DHI vs. FUE is going to be better for you to choose.

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