How A Quilting Machine Works?

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Quilting is a joining different layers of textile materials such as fabric, polyester fiber, non wowen, foam, etc. by stitching them with the desired design shape.

Mattress quilting machines work with a synchronized order of operations. In general there are two different types of it. The first one is multineedle quilting machine; while the fabric is flowing with the help of pulling rollers on the machine, the needle is going up and down onto the material with a high speed. While the fabric is flowing the carrier of fabric moves right and left to have the design. By adjusting the speed of fabric pulling cylinders and the right and left moving carrier, the design appears. On the other hand, single needle, double head machines quilt the material panel by panel, the fabric is pulled, tensioned and the moving stitching head makes the design by moving in x and y axis and creates the design, then the panel is pulled and cut, and the next one is quilted.

What Quilting Machines Used for?

In our daily life, actually we see many quilted products at our homes. Our jackets, pants, sofa, duvet, mattress, pillow, etc. probably have quilted sections on them. Especially in our bedrooms we definitely see quilting on the sleep products. On the mattresses to join upper fabric, the filling material, foam are quilted together and the mattresses are covered with this quilted panels. For mattress production 2 meter or bigger quilting machines are used.

Quilting Machine Types

There are 4 types of quilting machines for mattress industry to produce the quilted panels.

Multineedle quilting machines are generally used for higher capacity production for standard or low-end type of mattresses. There are design limitations on multineedle mattress quilting machines but they work fast.

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Single needle or double head quilting machines are used for high-end mattresses to have better look of the product. There are no design limitations on these machines.

Panel cutting machines for quilting, these cutting machines are used to cut the quilted panel with the desired size. Most of these machines have side and slitting cutting blades as well to make the border. They are generally run synchronized with the quilting machines.

Auxiliary machines for quilting, after cutting the panel extra operations may be required according to quilt type and mattress quality. Flanging is one of the necessary process after having the quilting panel. It stitch the 4-sides of the quilted panel to have better tape edging process later on. It is normally manual work, however last years some manufacturers developed hemming machines to make the panel cutting and flanging work at the same time fully automatically. There are other machines to be used for quilting such as quilt repair machine, label stitching machine, quilt stacking machines, etc.

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