How is Day Trader Sandro Carosella Day Going On?

Sandro Carosella is a Canadian entrepreneur. He is also a Founder of “Live Trading Monitor”. This is the very first of the company’s which is meant to provide training for online currency trading. He is a successful day trader who is more involved in this. He is more interested in day trading and has achieved numerous success. Along with this amazing platform, he has also been involved in multiple startups including Dryo Delux, Mauro Clothing, iCurrency Inc., and much more. Sandro was always passionate about entrepreneurship but was more enthusiastic about day trading. However, Sandro Carosella decided to pursue his dreams at a very early age. After completing high school, he quit education and decided to go with an online business to boost his career in the best possible way. Then he started with the Live Trading Mentor which was meant to help everyone to learn more about the ins and outs of currency trading. He used influencer marketing campaigns which ended up giving him a huge success.

How the Day of a Successful Day Trader Sandro Carosella Goes On?

Well, Sandro Carosella is a successful day trader who is having a very close to always the same daily routine. Having an insight into how his day going on will help you to understand things in a better way.

Daily Routine of Day Trader Sandro Carosella

As the schedule of a day trader always revolves around the hours of the stock market, therefore, Sandro Carosella normally wakes up early in the morning which is around 6:30 to day trade the market of London and New York. However, his day always starts by taking a shower and making coffee with breakfast. It is because he always wants to bring up his energies before heading to his office room to start a working day.

As pre-market trends normally start around 8, therefore he usually gets ready to hit the office at this time. Meanwhile, he used to organize and remind himself about any upcoming tasks which he has to perform on that particular day. He has set up a home office. However, after hitting my office, he usually keeps an eye on what is going on in the daily stock market. He usually has a look at the bigger screen to understand the volumes. While on one of his laptops he normally keeps his news to stay updated about what is happening right now. Along with this, he also keeps his Bloomberg on his mac. The tasks which he is performing regularly are quite the same but he never necessarily performs these in the same way. I normally trade till 1 to 2 pm whilst the volatility of the market ends. At the present time, his favorite pairs of trades are GBPJPY, EURAUD.

After completing his day trading session, he leaves for the gym and plays tennis and squash for almost one hour with his friend and business partner Dylan Paranjape. After refreshing themselves and having lunch they start their meeting downtowns day together. After this, they also have to attend their scheduled meetings of the day. During this time, commonly he prefers to do his routine tasks such as answering emails, and take care of other administrative stuff like money transfers, booking stuff, reviewing yesterday trades, creating the next day’s strategy, etc.

Along with this list of multiple things they also have to visit our application development team where they look better opportunities to bring their application to the next steps to grow. Also, how they can enhance their online presence.

Normally, day traders go with a full-time career of making strategic trades via the stock market on a regular basis. Although for most of the people out there this career may seem like that day traders’ life is filled with freedom and peace but actually, it is not the same as how it looks. It is because most of the day traders are self-employed and has to make their own choice to make the jobs more successful. However, when you are going to have a look at the life of at the day trader then you will get to know that they have a busier day which is normally structured around the hours of the stock market.

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