What is the Golf Point System?

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The Golf Point System is a handicap and scoring system that determines your final score by finding out how many points you score on each individual hole. You get one point for a bogey, three points for a par, five points for a birdie, and eight points for an eagle.

If you get a double bogey, you’ll earn 0.5 points for every double bogey you score if your Golf Point Index is under 10.0. However, if your Golf Point Index is higher than 10.0, you’ll get a score of zero for anything you score over a bogey. Every other score on the hole is zero. If your Golf Point Index score is under 10.0, you’ll earn 0.5 points for every double bogey you hit.

All you have to do to keep score is to keep track of the number of points you earn on each hole. At the end of 9 and 18 holes, add up your points. Ideally, you’re already writing down how many strokes you take on each hole. You can add your points below this number.

The Golf Point Index gets based on the average point total you score after you play nine holes. They take the last 180 holes you played and average it to give you your final score.

Golf Point System Formula

One of the biggest golf tips you can learn is what formula the Golf Point System uses. You divide your number of points by the number of holes you play. Doing this will give you your points per hole number. Then, multiply this number by nine to get your total score. You use this score to level the playing field and play against players of all skill levels while making it fair.

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Your final score turns into your handicap. Every player will have a different handicap based on their scores and skill level. Your handicap will change as you get better, and it can vary from course to course. So, if your handicap is 15 and someone you’re playing against has 10, they get a five-point lead when you play nine holes. Both of you can earn additional points during nine holes of play.

If you want to use the Golf Point System during team play, it’s possible to do so. You take your partners and your won Golf Point Index scores and add them together. Then, you compare this answer to the other team’s score to determine the exact amount of points each team gets.

  • The first player on Team One has a score of 10 and their partner has a score of 20.
  • The first player on Team Two has a score of 7 and their partner has a score of 8.

This means that Team Two will start playing nine holes of golf with a 15 point lead over Team One. At the end of each hole, you add the points you earned with the points your partner earned to get a grand total for each hole. You continue this through all nine holes and see which team comes out on top. You can use these golf tips to improve your game, play with new people, and play different courses with confidence.

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