Why is a Vehicle Identification Number Important?

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A VIN or a vehicle identification number is a seventeen digit sequence that is stamped into the chassis of a car. This serves as an identification code and is a must when registering a vehicle. Each and every car on the road has a unique number, which is sometimes referred to as the body number. VIN numbers are all different and you will never come across vehicles with the same VIN Number stamped on it. This is also the reason it is referred to as a cars DNA, because with this number you can identify the exact model and details registered under it.

Where and How is the VIN Stamped?

The vehicle identification number is issued by the manufacturer and is stamped on the chassis before it leaves the factory. The number could be placed in various places depending on the model of the car and maintains a uniform sequence when it comes to formatting/data. For example — vehicles manufactured by EU countries are numbered with ISO-377 that form 17 units of digits and letters. This system is also applied to vehicles manufactured in Australia, China, Japan and Canada.

Why is it Important to Check the VIN Number

It is important because it is the best and safest way of figuring outthe accurate identity of the car. Vehicle registration companies and car manufacturers always carry databases with these numbers as it enables them to validate and identify the car correctly, by simply typing in a number.

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What Data is Included in a VIN Number?

A VIN Number can access certain information due to the fact that the coded number can unlock a precise meaning assigned to it.

  • The first three units found are WMI — This is the identification sequence used to identify the country in which the car was assembled and who the manufacturer is. For example: a VIN number beginning with the letter ‘J’ is manufactured in Japan and those beginning with the number ‘1’ are manufactured in America.
  • The second part of the number includes the identification of the vehicle — Each manufacturer has a unique way of coding this part, which lets us know if the vehicle comes with air bags, if seat belts are fitted, what kind of parts were used, as well as the type of class the car is under (economy etc.)
  • The last few digits indicate the validation VIN character — This is made possible due to an algorithm, which should confirm if the previous signs were illegally modifiedand vice versa.
  • The digits from 10 to 17 identify the type of car, engine model, automatic or manual mode and its accessories. It further helps to figure out the year of manufactory and model.

Where is it Possible to Find a VIN Number?

The VIN number can be located on the chassis of the vehicle, commonly found in the engine (bay), the opening of the passenger door or the plastic trim around the drivers section. If it is a passenger car then the number might be found on the nameplate or the right shock absorber.

Note than the VIN Number is of great importance and helps you identify all the necessary information especially if purchasing a second-hand-vehicle.

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